The Pledge to Asylum Seekers

Upcoming event: Sat 9th August in Daylesford


entering-daylesfordAmendment! Anna Burke will be speaking instead of Richard Marles.

For those in Melbourne, or in the vicinity of Daylesford, come along to this public form hosted by the Daylesford ALP branch.

The Pledge to Asylum Seekers is staunchly non political, however wherever possible we will support any endeavour that aims to change current asylum seeker policy in Australia.

Louise and I are planning to take the Pledge there, and I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Julian Burnside, having only seen him speak online so far. More details below.

Public forum: It’s time to rethink ALP policies on asylum seekers

Where and when?

Saturday, 9th August, 2pm to 4.30pm

Daylesford Town Hall, Vincent Street, Daylesford VIC

Who can attend?

This is a free public forum open to all ALP members and all members of the public who wish to contribute to a discussion and possible re-shaping of ALP policies relating to asylum seekers.


  • Anna Burke, Federal Member for Chisholm
  • David Manne, Lawyer and public advocate assisting asylum seekers
  • Julian Burnside, Lawyer and public advocate assisting asylum seekers


  • Current ALP policies on asylum seekers will be explained.
  • Each speaker will then present their view on the adequacy of or suggested changes to the ALP policies.
  • The audience, guided by the Chairperson, Dep. Mayor Cr. Kate Redwood, will have the opportunity through a Q&A format to express their views or ask questions.
  • All attending will have the opportunity to submit written thoughts on the current policies and possible changes.

What does the forum hope to achieve?

  • Involve ALP members and supporters in an open consultation with the wider community on the issues.
  • Encourage other sections of the ALP to openly debate and re-think ALP policies and practices concerning asylum seekers.

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