The Pledge to Asylum Seekers

1,000 Pledgers!


What's the Difference posterYes, that’s the goal by Christmas – can you help?!

We have over 330 pledgers as I write this post… if every current pledger were to introduce just TWO other people to the Pledge we could achieve this goal!

The Pledge to Asylum Seekers is about expressing compassion to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the world, who are coming to Australia by boat – the only option they have – seeking our help.

It’s time we showed what type of country we really are – compassionate, caring, helping others to get back on their feet. We did it after the Black Saturday fires, we did it after the Boxing Day tsunami, we do it in our local communities; when individual families suffer tragic setbacks we rally together and support them in their recovery.

Please share the Pledge and encourage others to sign it and pass it on.

Let’s go viral and build our community of pledgers to 1,000 by Christmas this year!

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