The Pledge to Asylum Seekers

Julian Burnside: Alienation to alien nation


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Julian Burnside is speaking at Bendigo RAR’s ‘Our Refugee Story’ on Saturday. His article from September last year is, unfortunately, as valid now as it was then.

One of the stories that has kept returning to my thoughts since first reading it more than 12 months ago is the very first one, where a guy who had been sleeping rough for some time shared with Tim Costello that he had not had eye contact with another human being for two weeks.

How we treat our fellow human beings is a reflection of our own individual humanity. With politicians and the media demonising asylum seekers with very specifically targeted (and inaccurate) language many of us forget that asylum seekers are trying to escape the same extremists we are so frightened of.

It’s a decent read, but well worth continuing to the end.

Read Julian Burnside’s full article in The Conversation here.


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