The Pledge to Asylum Seekers

Julian Burnside on doublespeak

Julian Burnside is not a fan of double speak, in fact he loathes the misuse of language. It’s dangerous. When did border control become border protection? Why? The words we use to describe a thing, impacts the way society thinks about it.

With terms like ‘collateral damage’ used to avoid mentioning the killing of innocent civilians, Julian fears for the truth behind the redirection of language. If someone mentioned ‘energetic disassembly’, would you know they were referring to a nuclear explosion? Our society needs to be aware of double speak occurring daily and its negative impacts.

Dumbo Feather was lucky enough to see Julian speak about this at BOLDtalks last November. They were blown away by the power of his speech. We’re really glad to share his talk with you too. For the first 15 minutes of the video, watch Burnside reason his view of the matter before an excellent Q&A with Anton Enus.

You can find their conversation with Julian Burnside in Issue #38 of Dumbo Feather (February 2014).

Watch the video here.

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