The Pledge to Asylum Seekers


What people are saying about the Pledge…

“This is beautiful, we deal with a lot of asylum seekers at our centre, have an asylum seeker lounge, English lessons etc. etc. Your Pledge put it so simply.” – Rod

“Thank you, and Amen.” – Fiona

“Excellent initiative!” – Dolores

“Love your work! Let’s overcome disgusting policy with love and welcome.” – Linda

“I believe in the human rights, Justice, and those suffering and in despair. Therefore, I pledge for asylum seekers to have freedom and live in Australia.” – Karen

“Our daughter delivers food parcels to refugees in the Footscray area. We worked in Asia for many years and it was the people with the least that gave you the most.” – Laurie

“It is so great that Australians have a way to show their support in a unified way so that asylum seekers and refugees do not think that we all hold the beliefs or support the actions of our Government.” – Amanda

“Great idea.” – Ian

“We are becoming apathetic to the needs of others, especially those seeking asylum, for short term political gain. We are being mislead and deceived for some political point scoring and forgetting why these people are coming here in the first place. The prose on the Pledge is human. The actions of our Govt are to dehumanise not only asylum seekers but ourselves. Thank you.” – Peter

“Both major parties need to find their conscience in this matter and stop catering to the lowest common denominator in the electorate.” – John

“A very fine enterprise – setting the humanity of all persons squarely against the unethical ‘policy’ of sovereign borders.” – Peter

“We as a people of this amazing country, we have to start doing right by these people.” – Graeme

“I love and support your work xoxo” – Dimity

“I’m an academic in Japan specialising in Australian politics. I’ve been disturbed by the bi-partisan inhumane treatment of asylum seekers. I signed the pledge and put it on my office door. I feel doubly ashamed because Japan does have very much blemished record on accepting refugees.” – Hiroya

“I want to live in a society that welcomes vulnerable people who need safety.” – Sharon

“Well done.” – Karyn

“Welcome to all who come here.” – Elizabeth

“Time for generosity of spirit & goodwill, not scare mongering and pandering to xenophobes.” – Chris

“A wonderful idea hopefully it will attract many more signatures, well done.” – Peter

“Thank you for the opportunity!” – Mairi

“I am happy and proud to sign this pledge, display it and talk about it to others. Sometimes it feels as though the road ahead is tough and never-ending, but I do believe that with the love, faith, prayers and compassion of good people, the day will come when not only Australia, but the world, will welcome and care for those who are forced to seek asylum.”  – Anonymous

“Wonderful to hear the sentiments that have been left out of the attempt to  dehuminase refugees.”  – Leonor

“Everyone deserves better living standards. Everyone deserves a chance. This is everyone’s world – we are all humans.”  – May

“So wonderful to see these beautiful words and know there are people in Australia who wrote them! My faith is restored nearly!”  – Jennifer

“I am an 80 year old hoping I’m adding my name to a list of thousands.”  – Betty

“This pledge, I hope will unite humanity in compassion for asylum seekers arriving on our shores. Thank you for the opportunity of signing this beautiful pledge, written from the heart and soul. I sign this pledge from my heart and soul, the place where my humanity exists…it has made my heart sing.”  – Stephanie

“Help Refugees.”  – Bert

“Thank you.”  – Kylie

“Thank you for this wonderful initiative.  My children and I have signed this and put this beside our front door for all who enter to see.”  – Melissa

“We must fight ignorance with love.”  – Chris

“Thank you so much for giving me something concrete to give to people I meet or have met at the detention centre here.” (Name withheld)

“Positive, proactive. Thank you.”  – Mary

“Continue the good work everyone. I’m from Adelaide but spend a lot of my time in Copenhagen Denmark where I’m forever reminded of the inaccurate view people have of our country. People assume we are a compassionate, welcoming place and I cannot say I agree with them. People like you continue to prove them right and me wrong, thank you.”  – Jack

“As Australians, we need to lose our fear of people from other cultures. We have so much to gain from sharing ideas and life experiences with others. I hope that one day we will be able to welcome asylum seekers to share our country.”  – Lynne

“Well done people. More than happy to sign. Thanks for caring, too.”  – David

“Thank you for the beautifully written and moving Pledge.”  – Jess

“Thanks so much for making this available. I will make a donation to the resource centre on pay day.”  – Rob

“The pledge has given me hope that there is still kindness, welcome and a sense of social justice in our country.”  – Belle

“Every Australian should sign the pledge. Why would you not.”  – Lisa

“Happy to bring some humanity into the debate and over power bigotry.”  – Leanne

“I am delighted with your realistic kind and loving document and the all sentiments expressed. I am happy to welcome and offer accommodation and hospitality to anyone who is in need of a break. Congratulations Bendigo.”  – Marlene

“Love this idea. The words are very apt.”  – Clare

“Great pledge.”  – Phil

“Amen – may it be so!”  – Maureen

“Congrats on publishing this.”  – Simonetta

“Wonderful idea. Will share.”  – Jenny

“Fantastic initiative. Tangible and heartfelt and good….  Thank you.  xx ”  – Jackie

“Thank you for this opportunity. You are to be congratulated on this initiative.  I do try to enlighten people I meet, and I feel this pledge will help others to do the same.”  – Elizabeth

“Good stuff!”  – Charles

“My Mums’ family were WW2 refugees who were uprooted from their farm in Poland during WW2 and dragged off by the Germans and put in to a work camp there. My Mum was born in that work camp just after the war ended and the only country who would take a family as large as my Mums’ was …….. you guessed it …. AUSTRALIA !!!!”  – Therese

“The background graphic on the pledge is a beautiful addition to a wonderful document.  Congratulations on your initiative and use of media.  :)  Thankyou.”  – Anne

“What a wonderful idea :) ”  – Prue

“Our family warmly welcomes asylum seekers to our country and our home.”  – Jan

“Beautifully worded. No-one could take offence at theses words. Happy to sign.”  – Mary

“Well written.”  – Kent

“This is a great initiative. Thank you.”  – Graham

“Let’s start treating these people as PEOPLE!”  – Tracie

“Thank you for the opportunity to express our support for our fellow humans in this small, yet powerful way.”  – Julie-Ann

“Perfectly worded, says it all.”  – Maree

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